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What is the My Partner Test?

The My Partner Test is a test you can create for potential mates on the internet, even if you're already on a full-scale dating site. Whether looking for a life partner or a partner for just right now, you customize the test for what you're truly looking for in a partner, and this test measures compatibility, the most important issue in a relationship.

What's the difference between this thing and the questionnaires on dating sites?

The questions posed on full service matchmaking sites are written by other people. The My Partner Test is meant to be your personal test, that contains only the questions you wish to pose. You can use your tests in conjunction with your current matchmaking site!

What kind of questions should I ask?

You can ask anything you like, as long as it doesn't violate our terms of service. But what you should really ask are things you would want to know about a potential mate, things that would be important to you. Check out our guidelines and suggestions.

Some material could get your test deleted, such as inappropriate personal information about yourself or someone else. (No phone numbers or email or home addresses, please!) Other kinds of language could get your test removed, such as overtly racist, sexist, homophobic, or excessively crude language.

Hey! Why can't I edit my My Partner Test after I've finished making it?

You can edit a test before you've done writing it, but you cannot edit a test after it has been submitted. Why? Because these tests are supposed to be testing and comparing potential partners! If you publish a test and ten people take it, and then you edit it and ten more people take the test, then the last ten people have taken a different test than the first ten, and the comparisons don't match anymore.

Even small changes can drastically affect the way someone interprets a test.

Someone got a great score! Now what?

It's always fun when someone gets a great score on your test. Keep in mind how your test was written, and also keep in mind that not all users are necessarily honest with their answers. That is why it's a good idea to make sure your answers on your test aren't too obvious. Check out our guidelines and suggestions for writing tests.

See below about approaching someone you've connected with through this test.

How should I approach a potential mate if someone is a good match?

First of all, make sure you are familiar with our terms of service in regards to meeting someone you've found through your My Partner Test.

That being said, always be careful when approaching anyone you find through the internet, whether it's through this site or any other site. Ideally you would only want to reveal an email address before getting to know someone. Don't give out phone numbers or street addresses on first contact. Exchange a few emails first.

If you do eventually arrange a meeting, make sure it's in a public place. It's also not inappropriate to bring a third party along for a first meeting, but make sure you have an understanding with the other person before doing so. Don't surprise someone with an unannounced chaperone! If going alone, make sure you let someone know where you're going and what the circumstances are. We strongly advise against meeting anyone in either your private home or someone else's private home. Be very wary of anyone who insists on meeting in a private home for a first meeting. Also be wary of anyone who is too anxious to meet.

Very important: These cautionary guidelines are just as important for men as they are for women. Most people assume these cautions are mainly for women's sake, but we've heard more than a fair share of horror stories about men meeting up with women who eventually became obtrusive personal nuisances, or who even eventually posed a serious personal threat. Stalking and abuse and even physical violence is most definitely not just a male phenomena.